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ElectraStim Silicone Noir Sirius Prostate Massager

electrastimElectraStim Prostate Massager ($94)

Arguably the most advanced male sex toy in the world, the ElectraSTim Noir Sirius is a prostate massager that combines both a unique and intelligently designed shape with amazing electro stimulation for anal and prostate pleasure that has never before been experienced.

The massager features conductive contacts in the tip, sides and flared base for incredible electro-stimulation both internally and externally.

Nexus Vibro Review

Nexus Vibro RedNexus Vibro Red ($145)

The Vibro represents the next stage evolution of the famous Nexus Titus, one of the most popular prostate sex toys in the world.  The Nexus Vibro has a similar egonomic design to that toy, with the pebble head and ribbed shaft designed to give pleasure to the anal canal while the prostate is stimulated by the metallic ball at the end of the toy’s other appendage.

But the biggest advance comes with the addition of a vibrating bullet concealed inside the shaft of the Nexus Vibro.  The bullet has no less than five different vibration patterns, each of which are strong and each one feels quite distinct.

Also available in black, white, and purple editions.

Silicone Prostate Sex Toy

Silicone Prostate StimulatorSilicone Prostate Stimulator ($18.74)

A popular and cheap prostate stimulator toy that packs quite a punch with its swirling body and tip. 

 This toy, made out of smoothe and gentle silicone, is highly effective at stimulating the male g-spot, and yet is easy enough to use to make it highly suitable for the beginner. 

Not to mention the incredibly low price for such a fantastic sex toy!

Aneros Maximus

Aneros Maximus

The Aneros Maximus has been designed for experienced prostate sex toy users who want to enjoy something a little more hardcore.  The Maximus carries the same beautiful and ergonomic design of all Aneros toys, but has been expanded in order to exert more pressure throughout the rectum.  Due to it’s extra sized dimensions, the Maximus is a little more difficult to insert than the average prostate toy, and takes a little more skill to move around.  Not the ideal choice for a beginner, but experienced users have raved about how good this Aneros is. A must buy if you have tried a few prostate toys and want to experiment with something a little different.

The Aneros Maximus costs just $67

Luxury Prostate Sex Toy – Lelo Earl

Lelo EarlLelo Earl Luxury Gold Prostate Sex Toy ($990)

The ultimate in prostate luxury, the Lelo Earl prostate massager is the most expensive and most desired male sex toy in the world. The Lelo brand is synonymous with luxury and classy design, and the Earl is no exception.  No words can describe the feeling of 18K Gold metal touching against your skin in the most exquisate and sensitive way possible.

The Lelo Earl is also available in platinum silver for $590

Mangasm Alpha Prostate Toy

Mangasm AlphaThe Mangasm Prostate Toy is the new kid on the block in the world of prostate pleasure.  A new deluxe range of prostate massagers and vibrators that is set to finally give serious competition to the Aneros.  They have seven different prostate sex toys to choose from – something to suit you whatever your experience or need.  If you’ve never used a prostate toy before, we recommend the Mangasm Alpha ($54)

The Mangasm Alpha has been specially designed for beginners – it’s unintimidating, soft and gentle, extremely simple to use, and yet has the quality of design to ensure that you’ll certainly experience the intense sexual fun of prostate play.